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Eros Island Virtual World

Eros Island's Virtual World is made up of 4 different tropical island resorts: Main Resort, Fetish Resort, Gay Resort & Swingers Resort. Each Island resort has multiple dance clubs, bars, lounges, pool house's, nude beaches, hotels and live cams. Choose which resort you desire more or try something new!

What's Inside Eros Island's Virtual World?

  • Main Resort
  • Eros Island's Main Resort is the most popular location of the Resorts! New here at Eros Island? Meet new people at the Main Resort- it is full of new places to have a good time while meeting new members!

  • Fetish Resort
  • Join us at the Fetish Resort and dance all night long in the Bondage Playhouse, Eros Island's private dance Club or take a dip in Dungeon Pools with new friends!

  • Gay Resort
  • Looking to try something new or meet other gay's around the globe? Try out Eros Island's Gay Resort for some bumpin and grindin' fun at the Nutty Banana Strip Club!

  • Swingers Resort
  • Bring your significant other to the Swingers resort to do a swap and experience all your craziest fantasies at Switch Strip Club or the Nude Beach!

Choose the Resort that fits your fantasy

With Four different resorts - each with their very own clubs, dance floors, and hangouts - you are sure to find a comfortable place with like-minded people!

Eros Island was built as a safe place where you can let you inhibitions run wild. Our new online virtual world offers users a high MMO quality game with the all the perks of the real world. Enjoy a virtual tropical paradise beyond your craziest dreams. Download Eros Island now, and let your fantasies run wild! .

Main Resort

Meet Friends and learn to play!

Fetish Resort

Need a beating? Come on over!

Swingers Resort

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Gay Resort

Gay & Lesbian Resort

Virtual Sex

Safe encounters with friends!